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Most likely every household has a sentimental piece of furniture that you would like to keep but needs to be refreshed. Dining table, armchair,  armoire or bookshelf that belonged to your family for a long time or you bought years ago, but you never found the time to do it up. At the Exquisite Atelier workshop, we can help you with choosing the right colour or revive the furniture to its old glory.

​                                                                        We can help you with

  • Furniture Restoration: Return the original look and beauty to furniture that has been damaged.

  • Expert Colour Matching: We can custom colour-match wood furnishings, millwork and cabinetry to existing furniture colours and stains

  • Small furniture upholstery: We can revive an old chair with new fabric and help you to find a perfect fabric match 

  • Furniture Painting: Painting furniture refreshes and renews their look. We carefully sand and repair if needed, followed by applying primer and paint finishes

  • Dent / Gouge / Scratch Repair: We use special products and fine techniques to fill in dents, gouges and scratches to restore your furniture.

Any inquiries please contact us at

we can organise the delivery or items can be picked up from our workshop in Pymble NSW

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